Digital India Week Activities Reports and Submit


All the students were introduced to Digital India Program by mSh. Sita Ram Bansal, S.U.P.W Teacher in morning assembly. He urged the students to use online services and also to motivate other people to make use of the Govt. portals for different services and also to avoid misuse of the internet

Students were prepared for on line quiz on Digital India Week by Mr. Lovenish Lamba, PGT Computer Science on different aspects of the internet use.

On line registration and participation in quiz on the web portal by Mr. Lovenish Lamba, PGT Computer Science.

(A) A speech on Cyber threats, Cyber Crimes, Cyber safety, Cyber Security, Cyber Ethic was delivered by Sh. Lovenish Lamba and        Sh. Sita Ram Bansal  in the morning assembly with open discussion  on these issues.

(B) A speech was delivered in Govt Sen Sec School Talwandi Madho to the students of IX X, XI and XII students on digital India program with motivation to use the online services by Sh. Lovenish Lamba and Sh. Sita Ram Bansal.

Government portals for public services were introduced to students and staff by Sh. Sita Ram Bansal and Mr. Lovenish Lamba

Students were aware about the advantages and disadvantages of social net working by Mr. Lovenish Lamba. He advised students to use social net working carefully without hurting the sentiments of any body or giving any derogatory remarks against anybody.

An open discussion was organized on various aspects of Digital India Week program with question answers by Mr. Lovenish Lamba.

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