Sadguru Quotes 99 Awesome Life Changing, About Yoga Quotes Sayings

 Sadguru Quotes


1) Once you attain a certain state of equanimity and blissfulness within you, wherever you go, your wellbeing will be assured.

2) There is no need to do what others are doing. You must do what truly matters to you as a life.

3) In loving all that you do, you will not live a stressful or miserable life – you will live wonderfully.

4) When you know the oneness of life, when you realize the unity of existence, there is love in your heart and the Divine in your experience.

5) Education is not about loading a child with information. It is not oriented towards anything. It is just to develop the body and mind to the highest possible capability and allowing the system to rise to its highest possible peak.

6) Once you are clear about what you are doing and why, other people's opinions will not matter. 

7) Most of the time you are just thinking about life, not living life #Sadhguru #SadhguruQuotes

8) Ancient societies always saw disease as something wrong. But modern societies are treating disease as normal.

9) If you stir up this dimension we call humanity, if somebody is feeling human, he doesn't need morality, he will be fine the way he is #Sadhguru

10) Comfort is not what you're seeking. What you're seeking is a deeper experience of life.

11) Your property, your education, your beliefs, everything will drop when you drop this body. The only thing that goes beyond this body is your awareness 

12) The third eye does not mean someone's forehead cracked and something came out! It simply means another dimension of perception has opened up

13) If you create a chemistry of blissfulness within you, the activity you need to perform in the world will not leave a scratch upon you

14) You do not have to pursue something intensely; you as a being should become very intense.

15) Once you're not able to think beyond your biological identity, the very nature of being human, the immensity of being a human is constrained and constipated into a very small process.

16) This body and mind are just temporary happenings. Is the awareness of that not inspiration enough to long for something beyond?

17) Empowerment without the necessary sense of responsibility can be a major disaster.

18) Whatever you have today, the things around you, even your own body- you borrowed everything from this earth. You can use it, you can enjoy it, but when you have to leave, you have to leave it and go. So nothing really belongs to you. 

19) It is the business of every human being, according to your intelligence, understanding, and situation, to do the best you can for yourself and everyone around you

20) If you try to squeeze joy out of people, only pain will come 

21) People suffer what happened ten years ago, and they suffer what may happen the day after tomorrow already.

22) As long as you separate yourself from life around you, you cannot reverberate with existence

23) Only a fool would compare a rose to jasmine and say this is better than that.

24) Yoga means experiencing everything as a part of yourself 

25) If there is no friction within yourself, the chances of you getting into friction with somebody is minimized

26) What you do on the outside is not LIFE; it is activity. Life is within you. How this feels and functions right now is most important

27) When you truly realize that you do not know, there will be no prejudice and no judgment in you. You will just become a being #Sadhguru

28) Seeing things the way they are, seeing everything the way it is, is clarity 

29) If the object of your passion is threatened, there is fear. Dispassion does not mean non-involvement. Right now, you are kicking up your involvement with passion. If you can kick up your involvement with dispassion, then there is no question of fear.

30) There's an enormous possibility on Facebook, you can even love those people who don't even exist

31) Spirituality is not about peace, joy, or going to heaven - it is about exploring your self totally #Sadhguru

32) Whenever things don't happen the way you want them to happen, there is a temptation to think and name it as destiny, because this is a way of dealing with failure, this is not destiny, just cheap psychiatry

33) You must decide whether you have come here to experience life or to avoid life.

34) in the mode of competition, only one can win - all others are losers, It's a horrible way to create a society. 

35) 'Everything I can do I must do" - not necessary. We must be able to take a decision what to do, what not to do, what is needed and what's not needed

36) Suffering happens essentially because most human beings have lost perspective as to what this life is about. Their psychological process has become far larger than the existential process

37) Men and women are different but the problem with humans is that every difference is made into a discriminatory process.

38) You are only given the raw material for your life. What you make out of it is up to you.

39) You being a pleasant piece of life is one hundred percent in your hands, if you take charge of it

40) Without a sense of abandon, you will never walk full stride in your life.

41) Using yoga just as a therapy is like using an airplane as a bus

42) in any sphere of life if you do not know involvement and intensity you will not get anywhere

43) When people live together without understanding each other, their survival instinct turns everything into a fight 

44) Success does not come to you because you want it. Success comes to you because you do the right things 

45) There is no universal salvation without individual salvation, There is no universal transformation without individual transformation

46) Forces of Nature: The choice is either to swim against the current or with it. It is sensible to go with it. It is not that you cannot swim against it. You can, but unnecessary effort

47) You can never get everyone's approval for what you want to do. So, don't worry about it.

48) The quality of your life does not depend on your clothes, car, or home, but on how peaceful and joyful you are #Sadhguru #SadhguruQuotes

49) what you know is not the problem in your life. The more you know, the better it is, Knowledge is not causing problem. You're identified with what you know, that is what is causing the problem. 

50) Every human being is always working against himself or herself in some way. If you created a moment of anger, you are working against yourself, isn't it?

51) Mediocre people always think they are practical. But actually, they don't have the courage to attempt anything else #Sadhguru #SadhguruQuotes

52) Leadership is not about dominance, about power over people, but of dedication and sacrifice for a cause beyond oneself #Sadhguru #SadhguruQuotes

53) The nature of life is such that if you unblock and allow it to flow, life is a beautiful experience. If you hold back, it becomes misery

54) You are a spiritual being trapped in a physical body, not a physical being acting out spirituality #Sadhguru #SadhguruQuotes

55) Constantly seek that which you know to be the highest. Living with the vision is an elevating experience and a joyous process in itself. 

56) Don't be dead now. That time will come. Now is the time to be alive 

57) The most beautiful moments in life are moments when one is expressing one's joy, not when one is seeking it. The first and most fundamental responsibility for a human being is to become a joyous being

58) Health can only be organized from within

59) If you do not know how to laugh, then you are already long gone

60) I don't see any criminals. All I see is, every human being is in pursuit of his happiness. The man whom you call as a criminal is also in pursuit of his happiness. Only thing is he is pursuing his happiness far more vigorously than you 

61) Essentially, yoga means dissolving your identity 

62) You must be conscious that you are mortal, mortal means you have limited time and energy. If you are always conscious about this, how would you organize your time and energy? you decide it

63) Being a leader is like being a captain of a ship. If you are the captain of the ship, you don't have to do the hard work that the crew is doing but you must be able to chart out a successful path.

64) The longing to become one finds expression in many ways, when you are young and your intelligence is hijacked by hormones physical sex is the way, when you are middle aged where your intelligence is hijacked by emotions then love is the way

65) The same dimension that made Krishna or Jesus who they were, exists within you too. It just needs your attention to blossom

66) Joy is a natural phenomenon. Misery is your creation

67) Only the one who is beyond the fear of losing oneself can know love, can be love

68) If you are deeply involved with even the simplest aspects of your life, you will see every aspect of your life is spectacular.

69) Passion is focused on one thing - therefore it burns out at some point. Compassion is all-inclusive - it has so much fuel to burn that it does not die out

70) Detachment does not mean non-involvement. You can be deeply involved but not entangled

71) Karma is the accumulated impressions, it is the software you wrote for yourself unconsciously

72) The mind is an accumulation of the past. Once you transcend the mind, the past has no more power over you

73) With age your aliveness need not go down. If it is going down, you're committing suicide in installments.

74) The more absent one's personality becomes, the more powerful his presence becomes

75) Do not try to be special. If you are simply ordinary, more ordinary than others, you will become extraordinary 

76) If you realize your life is 100% your responsibility, there is no room for being resentful towards anyone

77) Looking good is not important. Is life a great experience for you or not? This is what is important. This shift in values must happen

78) Relationships are necessary to exist in the world. Whether you keep them beautiful or ugly is the choice you have

79) When you are compulsive, naturally you will step over many people. 

80) When you consciously rise above your likes and dislikes, that's maturity. 

81) If you had everything you could ever dream of, what would you want? If you do not invest that much thought into your life, that means you are super short-sighted

82) Let us create an absolutely selfish world. That means what I want for myself, I want for everyone in the world.

83) You cannot think about it, you cannot talk about it because whatever you think and talk about is not spirituality.

84) Me holding a gun to your head, you holding a gun to my head, and both of us did not shoot - this is not peace, this is madness

85) Whatever the shape of eyes or nose - a joyful face is always a beautiful face. Become Joy ? become Beautiful.

86) If your experience of life is not limited to your physicality, you are naturally inclusive.

87) If Human beings experience Life beyond one's physical nature, the need for conquest, conflict, and violence shall not exist.

88) We have a phenomenal ability to goof up things because we are too much genius with very little organization. 

89) Because somebody is going to throw stones at us, should we remain without fruit in our life? That would be a tragedy

90) Engineering the outside world can create comfort and convenience. Only engineering your interiority can create wellbeing

91) Time moves at the same pace for everybody, (but) there is 'energy' that you call 'life', this you can pitch it at different levels. 

92) To love the person who is next to you is the biggest challenge. To love somebody who is not here is always easy

93) The very purpose of life is to reach the highest possible flowering. Meditation is the nourishment for flowering

94) Both atheists and theists are people who neither have the courage nor the commitment to seek what is true. One will believe this way, another will believe that way, because it's convenient. It gives you comfort, it gives you solace.

95) Entering the spiritual path means you have become conscious of your suffering #Sadhguru #SadhguruQuotes

96) I Do not know is a tremendous possibility, only if you see that you do not know, the longing to know, the seeking to know, possibility of knowing happens 

97) The immensity of being human is being completely missed because we are too engaged with other things. If we pay enough attention to the human mechanism, the things we want to do in the world are just a play. 

98) If you are a little playful with life, every moment is a celebration. 

99) If you act without establishing yourself in Yoga, then your action will become an entanglement, it doesn't matter what you are doing,

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