JNV Administration to Arrange 5 Digital Services For Financial Weak

First of all many thanks for your support in the covid support campaign, we ran earlier this year.

Today we received a request from the JNV school administration to arrange 5 digital devices for financially weak but bright students who are struggling under the current online education mode in the covid era.  We will work with the School administration and ensure the support reaches to right hands. Here are quick thoughts on this and will appreciate quick responses. 

1. We are looking at existing govt schemes under which we can get help to these students. We have reached out to district administration for advice but if someone is aware of such a scheme, please let us know.

2. We will appreciate it if you have an old digital device (smartphone, tablet or laptop) for donation. We can look at options of minor repairs if needed.

3. It will be great if you can check with your company or employer to see if they have a scheme to donate old company devices to needy children? We will be happy for them to feature them and our publications etc.

JNV Samiti is asking all the JNVs to contact their alumni and involve them in JNV activities and present them as JNV's face in society. Therefore JNV Samiti has launched a Google form to collect the data of all the alumni.  But we (JNV Una, Alumni) already have a similar form from the last 4 years, and data collected through that form helped the JNV Una administration to fill the Samiti form instantly.

So far 550 alumni have filled that form. Request everyone to share this form with maximum navodiyans so that at least 1500 entries should go from JNV Una. This form should be filled by everyone from 1994 pass out to 2020 pass out. Navodaya Vidyalaya known as JNV are Indian schools for talented children and form a part of the system of gifted education.

4. We may end up purchasing new phones soon, so you can donate ₹ 100, ₹ 200 or ₹ 500 whatever you wish to keep such noble efforts going.  We are not asking for a big sum of donations at this point of time - “ बूँद बूँद से सागर भरता है l”.  Here are the bank details:

Account Name - Nav Uday JNV Una Alumni Society

Account number - 050601000482

IFSC Code - ICIC0000506

Branch - Una (HP)

If you wish to donate directly to children in need that is also welcome. Transparency, consensus and collaborations are the key things for any such initiative.  So we will build a pool of devices and ensure they are used by the needy and are rotated as per need. If needed we will install software like google family link etc to track the usage etc. Any suggestions and feedback are always welcome. Also circulate this to other Navodayans and your batchmates Groups. Please feel free to contact me for any query or clarification in this regard.

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